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3Dkits is a development solutions firm centered in the 3D-environment. We apply a multidimensional viewpoint that generates innovative proposals addressed to obtain advanced and “state-of-art” products. We have done our best effort to offer an equipment catalog that provides solution to the new 3D-environment viewpoints.


Without creating solutions addressed to the professional manufacturers, our equipment try to approach the 3D-environment for demanding amateurs and newbies professionals.


If you need a 3-axis position equipment that is ready for receive devices and commands, we can offer you.


With our 3D printers, professionals, primary and secondary schools or amateur could create prototypes, issue of a small production or just simply experiment in a quick and easy way with 3D printing techniques.


Our multifunction equipment allows multiply the 3D printing possibilities being compatible with other tools, such milling machines, laser, etc. Our multifunction equipment’ interchangeable header opens a whole new possibilities.


MOTUS is an equipment designed to accommodate several tools or devices and to control its 3-axis movements. You can add your control board and your need’s suitable tool.




STATUS. 3D printer

STATUS is a base-mobile 3D printer with a bridge that withstands the Y and Z axis hardware. It includes innovative solutions to answer the frequently problems and technical challenges.


Thanks to its robust design lacks of unwanted movements and vibrations, obtaining a better regular and smooth piece.


It stands out for its precision and soften operation. It is different, isn’t a clone or replica. Our customers appreciate the profile accuracy, the movement-guides precision, the control board and the exclusive extruder.


STATUS is the first 3D printer totally designed and assembled in Spain.




SAPIENS. Multifunction equipment

SAPIENS is an 3D printer with interchangeable head  and transforms into any tool which uses a 3 axis coordinate system to do movements and positions. It is easy to fit a laser, a NC (Numerical Control), etc.


The transformation is immediate thanks to the fast-connect system. Its solid and exclusive 6mm base can hold firmly the material to process. Its ball recirculation system for the movement-guides guarantee a smooth and extremely precise operation.


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